WAKE Flat Pedal Review

WAKE Best Bicyle Y0304 Flat Pedals
WAKE Best Bicycle Y0304 Sealed Bearing Flat Pedals

Does your hybrid bike need a reliable sealed bearing flat pedal that costs under £15? if so then read to the end to see if this might be the one for you. This review is a summary after 6 months use of the Y0304 sealed bearing WAKE flat pedal. These pedal’s brand is ‘WAKE best bicycle’ and throughout the autumn and winter they have not failed me yet.

In August 2016 I bought my first pair of these WAKE flat pedals. I paid just £13 from an eBay seller. They have functioned brilliantly so far but have one fault, their paint durability.

Hence I can strongly recommend buying these pedals. I even ended up buying a second pair myself recently. The second pair was £14. I suspect the price rise is due to the change in exchange rate.

Wake Flat Pedal (Y0304) Features

They are durable and light weight. They came in at 198g / 201g each on my scales. I assume the weight variation is due to axle grease or paint variations.

  • Aluminium alloy Light weight body
  • Two reflectors per pedal
  • 9 pins on each pedal side
  • 6mm hex for quick installation
  • 15mm flats on axle for easy removal
  • Axles labelled CR, which likely means Chrome plated
  • Hex cap to cover the axle lock nut end
  • Sealed Bearings

WAKE Flat Pedal Conclusions

Firstly after over 100o km of commutes the reflectors are still attached. That may seem like a trivial thing but I choose this model as it has reflectors. I want to be road legal when I commute.

Another positive is that after six months riding through the winter there is no play in the bearings. This WAKE pedal has a metal end cap with a hex socket. Should I ever need to access the axle’s lock nut trail side, my multi tool will do suffice.

additionally the 18 pins on each pedal offer excellent grip. None of the pins have fallen off, come lose or snapped. Cheaper pedals that have pins moulded onto the body sometimes are broken by pedal strikes.

Furthermore their axles is strong. I weigh about 120kg and can ride out of the saddle without fear of bending them. Once I remember having one cheaper pedal axle bend and it was instantly noticeable.  The seller replaced that pedal and the replacement lasted but as they say.

“Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”

Finally a critical feature on this WAKE pedal is the flats surfaces on the axle. This allows a 15mm pedal spanner to be used to remove the pedals from you crank arms.

Wellgo KC001 Flat Pedal Faults

Previously I have some very light weight (270g / pair) Wellgo KC001 flat pedal. The KC001 pedals had tapered axles (without flats) and they ended up seized into my crank arms despite using copper anti-seize grease .

Wellgo KC001 Flat Pedal
Wellgo KC001 Flat Pedal

After about a year the Wellgo KC001 bearings started to develop play and despite sourcing replacement bearings, I over tightened the axle’s lock nut which damaged the threads at the end of one axle. This resulted in the pedal having horizontal movement along axle. This sideways movement was annoying. Then the KC001’s thin metal body started to snap. Theses pedals needed replacing but I couldn’t remove them from either crankarm.

Galvanic Corrosion in Pedal Threads

A chemical reaction between the pedal threads and the aluminium cranks threads had likely occurred, despite my use of copper grease. The Wellgo pedals were installed by hex pedal wrench. Unfortunately I was unable to develop enough torque with the Park HT6 (6mm hex tool) to break the bond formed by the corrosion between the different metals.

Park Tool HT6 - 6mm Hex tool
Park Tool HT6 – 6mm Hex tool

I ended up having to replace my whole crank set for the sake of using pedals without axle flats. If I had pedals that accepted an 8mm allen key I may have had more luck. I strongly recommend you avoid using pedals without axle flats.

When pedals have only a hex socket then unless you maintain them they may get stuck like mine. You should regularly taking them off and re-grease the threads ever 3 – 6 weeks. In my experience the pedal will not last as long as the crank. If your pedals seize you will have to buy a new crankset.

Yo304 WAKE Flat Pedal’s One Fault

After six months commuting the WAKE pedal has lost about 25% of the body's paint
WAKE Flat Pedal Paint after 6 months

I have had only one problem with the Y0304 WAKE Flat Pedal I bought in August 2016. The painted finish on the pedal body has not lasted well. The base metal is visible in many areas, I have been surprised at the rate it came off. I wonder if the same will happen with the duplicate pedals I’ve bought in January 2017.

WAKE may have redesigned their Y0304 pedals, their axles look slightly different. consequently, WAKE’s development process may have been reformulated for durability.

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Author: David Jackson

Hello, I'm a 40+ yo cyclist trying to get back into cycling after the Covid-19 pandemic. I have hardly been on a bicycle in the last 2 years.