Eureka! Perfect Porridge

These oats are cut into 3 parts prior to rolling into flakes.

There are many reasons why porridge is a popular breakfast here in the UK. Maybe like me,  you’ve fond childhood memories of a hot bowl of Ready Brek before walking to school on a cold winter’s morning. Perhaps you imagined you were glowing like the kid in the adverts? Our parents probably gave it to us as it was cheaper than buying Kellogg’s Frosties, and with a big spoon of Lyle’s Golden Syrup in it was almost as sweet.

These days, if I’m about to go out on a bike ride, I always carb load with ‘Dave’s Perfect Porridge’. It’s filling and delicious, trust me! I spent time making the recipe just right so you don’t have to.  

The Porridge Tower - My reaction to Asda selling Oats So Simple at £1 a box in 2015
The Porridge Tower – my reaction to a rare £1 per box offer in 2015 at Asda

Back in 2014 when I started logging my food on My Fitness Pal I realised the only way I was going to hit my calorie goal each day was to have a breakfast less than 400 kCal. I started using Quaker Oats ‘Oats So Simple’ porridge.

I got my partner hooked on these to my regret, because they’re expensive. Expensive enough to bulk buy them when they’re on sale (see the picture of what my daughter giddily called the porridge tower).

‘Oats So Simple’ come in many flavours, plenty of them horrible but you don’t find that out until you actually buy a box of 8 sachets. They’re low calorie ~ 130 kCal when made with water – mainly because each portion is tiny: fine for my slight partner but I needed the ‘Big Bowl’ sachet to even start to feel full.

The texture is acceptable and infinitely better than Tesco’s Instant Porridge which has been rebranded ‘Super Smooth’ presumably due to its similarity to wallpaper paste. After a year of subjecting my tastebuds to various brands I declared ‘Eureka!’

Dave’s Perfect Porridge

60 g of Mornflake Superfast Oats –  The texture is sublime.
250 ml of and Milk – I like Tesco’s 1% Orange label
10 g of Sultanas
10 g of Cashew nuts – Uncooked
Sweetners – Sweetex are small and dissolve easily.

Preparations Instructions

This is where I differ from Mornflake’s method, as they suggest far more liquid (285 ml liquid to 40 g oats). Mine cooks effortlessly in the microwave and in just 3 min. Use a high sided bowl, and with careful timing you can avoid stirring half way through.

Add the sweeteners and Cashew nuts after cooking. When to add the Sultanas depends on whether you accidentally poured in too much milk. If added prior to cooking they’ll quickly soak up the excess for you and add sweetness to the oats.

Next, let the porridge cool until it reaches the Goldilocks temperature. Give it a stir,  and you’ve achieved perfection.

I feel I need to apologise as this post ended up being quite long, but I won’t as I know you will forgive me after you have tasted the porridge. However, if you disagree and are willing to share your porridge secrets with the world, please comment bellow.

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Author: David Jackson

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