Eureka! Perfect Porridge

These oats are cut into 3 parts prior to rolling into flakes.

There are many reasons why porridge is a popular breakfast here in the UK. Maybe like me,  you’ve fond childhood memories of a hot bowl of Ready Brek before walking to school on a cold winter’s morning. Perhaps you imagined you were glowing like the kid in the adverts? Our parents probably gave it to us as it was cheaper than buying Kellogg’s Frosties, and with a big spoon of Lyle’s Golden Syrup in it was almost as sweet.

These days, if I’m about to go out on a bike ride, I always carb load with ‘Dave’s Perfect Porridge’. It’s filling and delicious, trust me! I spent time making the recipe just right so you don’t have to.   Continue reading “Eureka! Perfect Porridge”

Walking Silly in Salford

It’s the middle of the week and a recurring knee problem has returned with a vengeance. I’m forced off my bike and boy, do I miss it! The bus didn’t turn up this morning. If it wasn’t for a very kind neighbour driving past, my daughter would have been very late and probably more than a little hysterical (alright, I would have been a little hysterical).

I’m craving the freedom of cycling already, and that feeling is just going to grow over the next few days until I’m reunited with ‘my precious’.

Work was exhausting, I didn’t get finished until 19:30 and as I have a cricket pad splint on my left leg keeping the knee straight, even the short walks between bus stops and home are agonizingly slow, causing the occasional stumble and lots of hip pain on my right side.

Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks
Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks

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An audacious reason to blog!

I hope blogging will be a long-term motivational tool for weight loss. I have had a rollercoaster of a year. I will explain its highs and lows in detail in future posts, but in brief a road traffic collision (RTC) and assault in September 2015 caused my weight to rocket.

It was due to not being able to control my emotional eating in response to anxiety after the assault. I gained back 20 kg of the 50 kg I had lost in recent years. Bellow is a graph of my weight since 2014 when my lifestyle, outlook and health started to change for the better. Continue reading “An audacious reason to blog!”