Lets pedal all year round

Why I started a Cycling Blog

I owe my current good health to cycling and because of this, I want more people on bicycles. This cycling blog intends to make it easier for people to keep cycling a part of their everyday lives. Expense or poor health are not always barriers to starting cycling. You can learn how I tackled these problems by reading about my story.

The Cycle 2 Health blog is a tool to pass on what I’ve learned over the last few years. Our health can gradually improve if we stay active and motived to travel by bike. This cycling blog is interactive. My blog posts and your comments make it a two-way conversation. Anytime you comment on a post, I learn from you and other can share in our discussion. Consider subscribing to Cycle 2 Health, if you want our cycling community to keep on pedaling.

David Jackson created the cycling blog called Cycle 2 Health
David Jackson is the Cycling Blogger at the Cycle 2 Health Blog

Cycling has improved my health

By the time I turned thirty my health was very poor. I weighed over 150 kg and was dangerously unfit. Tendonitis made it hard for me to walk. I had a resting heart rate in excess of 100 bpm. When I saw myself tagged in a Facebook image that showed the unflattering reality of my unhealthy lifestyle, I resolved to make changes.

Around the same time my daughter started primary school miles from my house; since I don’t drive my solution was a cheap bike and child trailer. While Bradley Wiggins, Lizzie Armitstead and Chris Froome were winning Olympic medals in London, I started pedaling around Greater Manchester.

Now, I commute by bike rain or shine, all year round. I’ve lost 30 kg and my resting heart rate is below 60. Cycling has also found a way into my holidays. This has resulted in my travels through Spanish National Parks, around Maltese Islands and even once during high tide into the Mediterranean Sea by mistake.