Improvers’ Plan – Week 4

As you can tell I managed to get out on a longer ride this weekend. The weather was cold, we had a little snow and I had the pleasure of seeing a few fellow cyclists I hadn’t seen since autumn 2016.

My first club ride of 2017 with Allez Prestwich was on Sunday 22nd January 2017. The GPX file is available for download from ridewithgps. The ride’s route was shortened on the day, due to the snow and ice threatening to become an issue. Continue reading “Improvers’ Plan – Week 4”

New Years Resolution

Several of the Allez Prestwich (AP) riders have set goals for 2017. I already had the goal to do my first century, but I got carried away and set myself another goal. To cycle 4000 km in 2017. Given I managed over 1000km of recreational rides in 2016 and as most weeks I do 30 km commuting, I felt this goal was manageable but still challenging. I need to average about 77 km each week.

AP’s 2016 retrospective is a good read and makes me want to join them on more rides next year.

Bike Fit Basics – Knee Pain

Several months ago I watched a really useful video, which gave me insight into the possible causes of my knee pain when cycling. It helped me understand how moving a saddle affects the knee and the strain that this joint can undergo when pedaling

When I started riding longer distances and especially when Allez Prestwich (AP) Cycling Club introduced me to some of the local hills they love so much, I found that I got a few aches and pains in my legs. Continue reading “Bike Fit Basics – Knee Pain”